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  • 11th December
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Kalmunity - Montreal based artists (Video)

This is Kalmunity. A community filled with people who are passionate about spoken word poetry. They do it every Tuesday @Bombards. It’s all improv!!

I’ve seen one of their live performances and I have to say, it was the best experience of my life. I can’t believe they occupied Montreal without me knowing at the time! This is the kind of inspiration I need in my life. I love it when people speak out poetically to the world! I can see myself doing something like this one day.

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  • 28th November
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Song of the day.

Bonobo - Stay the Same Ft. Andreya Triana - Black Sands

I’m going to the Bonobo concert in a couple of weeks and in preparation for the great experience that I am sure I will enjoy, I’ve been listening to this song on repeat. 

Timing is interesting. The words cut right through me, making a whole lotta sense these days. 

  • 22nd November
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  • 19th September
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The Funnel Wall - Dresden Neustadt Germany
“When the rain starts to fall, this colorful drain and gutter system  attached to the outside of a building in the Neustadt Kunsthofpassage  turn into charming musical instruments. The Funnel Wall is one of the  strangest and most enjoyable attractions in Dresden’s student district  in the new town.”


The Funnel Wall - Dresden Neustadt Germany

“When the rain starts to fall, this colorful drain and gutter system attached to the outside of a building in the Neustadt Kunsthofpassage turn into charming musical instruments. The Funnel Wall is one of the strangest and most enjoyable attractions in Dresden’s student district in the new town.”

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  • 29th August
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Jamie Woon - Lady Luck

Song of the day.

Jamie Woon - Lady Luck - Mirrorwriting

Fresh on the scene, with a voice like butter and a great sense of melody. One song and you’re hooked! He has backed up Amy Winehouse and is probably known for his single Night Air, co-produced by Burial! 

If you like him, also check out Spirals (my personal fave)

  • 26th August
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I would like to share the gift of scent and sound with you!

Music has been a big part of my life, I used to love the thrill of being on stage, of singing my heart out and of writing songs.

Now another dream has become number one. That’s not a bad thing, clearly! But I can’t let go of what I have loved before, so I’ve decided to merge the two. Without taking any value away from either, I want to use our sense of smell and our love for most things musical to create a wonderful, harmonious marriage. (My scent/music collection will one day become a reality, I promise you that)

The term ‘Smound’ was coined by Daniel Wesson along with his colleague Donald Wilson. They found that after tracing the activity of tubercles of mice, especially when subjected to both odour and tone, there were stronger responses. (this is me making it sound MUCH simpler than it is, sorry science!)

Either way, the experiment was inspired by the concept of synesthesia, which I think many people can relate to. Have you ever felt something tingle with your other senses when you’re experiencing something visually? I guess that’s what they mean when the ‘colour’ of an aura is described for example. That’s how I associate some smells; with sounds. 

Furthermore, the person who came up with the entire concept of merging scent and sound in the brain was the great Septimus Piesse. He was responsible for the highly informative The Art of Perfumery. He identified odor molecules as having a particular note associated with them.

Here is an article that discusses his theory further:

As a result of his findings, the perfume industry started describing scent on the basis of the music scale, ie. notes. In what he described as an odophone, he compared sharp, attention grabbing scents with higher pitched notes and heavy scents with lower notes (think dark, heavy bass.)


I had been thinking of linking music and scent together since before going to France actually. Upon reading his ideas while I was there, I knew I could do something that worked within that concept. Scent, as we know, is really difficult to write about (kudos to those who can!), it is, as Diane Ackerman describes it; ‘the mute sense, the one without words.’ (her book is always a point of reference for me, read it!)

Since it is so difficult to describe in most ways, perfumers have found that creativity, intuition and imagination is key. Creating a perfume musically somehow, some way is such an inspiring idea. 

Just think about it! Imagine trying to recreate the sound of Sade’s voice (sandalwood, a drop of methyl iso eugenol and a hint of rose: smooth, dusty, intoxicating) or even the sound of talking shakers (I just bought a couple and I’m obsessed) black pepper! ionones! cardamom! limmeeee! maybe some incense too!?

It’s all about what you do with what you have I guess. Making perfume is like jenga. Some parts can be taken out, some can’t (just like in a composition, song, beat, whatever!) But it’s all in the wrist, and the ability to see and feel what is essential and what isn’t. 

I say embrace music, embrace scents, embrace life, by mixing and matching and learning and getting it all out there. You’re good to go!

p.s. methyl iso eugenol in a synthetic aroma chemical in the spicy family that smells like old books! It needs to be used in moderation, but when it is used right, it’s smells rich, dusty, slightly cold and full of history!

  • 2nd August
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  • 2nd August
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Musiccc (makes the people, come togetherrr)

You know how sometimes you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, then something comes to you, just at the right time, exactly when you need it? Well…

I was lucky enough to go to the annual Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal on Saturday. I wasn’t even planning on going because of ticket prices and whatnot, then I got a call from one of my best friends telling me to get ready to leave in an hour. Bonus points for spontaneity!

I try to go every year, for the mere fact that it feels so good to be in the midst of live music. It changes you. The surrounding environment is invigorating, and totally random (this year, it was a dude in a zebra jumpsuit, last year it was another dude in a fluorescent yellow thong over his pants…whyyyy!?)


There’s usually an emphasis on good music, a large selection of bands (all kinds) coming together to play for the masses, everyone is there for the same reason. To bask in the glory that is music. People decked out in their best hippie chic outfits, just being young and having a good time.

The highlight for me was probably Sia. If you haven’t heard of her, please lend her your ears! She oozes soul, it’s like it needs to escape from her body somehow. She played a couple of songs that were so dear to my heart Soon We’ll Be Found and Breathe Me (check the videos out, they’re both fantastic.) I knew that there was a reason I was there. AND I was with one of my favourite people no less. That’s another +1! on my list for feeling better. On top of that, she was amazing live, just as good as in her recordings, that says something, especially in a world filled with auto-tune.


Then there was Lupe Fiasco, I’m not that big of a fan. But guess what? This guy can pull it off live! And I am now converted.

What struck me most about him is what he said towards the end of his set. He had mentioned how countries have no borders. Reminding us that we are all equals, and that we’re all here for the same reason. And it put some things into perspective for me. What he said was reassuring to a degree, because we all feel like we’re out in this world alone sometimes, and every now and then, we need that outside voice to remind us that we’re not.

Meanwhile, during this whole experience, the smells and sounds of the park seemed to merge as one. It was aware of my surroundings entirely, and believe me, it didn’t smell pretty!

So If I could describe Osheaga in terms of scent, the festival would be a blend of patchouli (and LOTS of it), some orris concrete, black pepper, some random dirty aldehydes like C7 and C11 Lenic, a bunch of Iso E Super, Helional and some white flowers like maybe a hint of Jasmine (Indol and Cumin Seed Oil for B.O) and Lily of the Valley. Oh and pee (ick)..ooh ooh and maybe some Lentisque for that, again, dirty, sort of green cigarette touch. Total stank, but the good kind!

All in all, a successful day, wish I could have been there for more. I urge you to go to concerts in your cities, there’s nothing like some live music to help you feel better. It’s totally therapeutic. Oh and if you’re ever lucky enough to go to one of ODO7's concerts, then you'll get to experience both scent and sound, which is just pure awesomeness.

  • 22nd July
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Little Dragon's new song 'Ritual Union' off their upcoming album of the same name. I'm EXCITED! I'm already in love with this song and I can't wait to hear more from them. (The album is coming out in 4 days, July 26th!)

Their first eponymous album was fantastic, followed by a more electro Machine Dreams (on repeat for months.)


Oh and also:

  • 18th July
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Song of the day.

Sade - All About Our Love - Lovers Rock

One of the best vocalists of all time! With an album out in early February of last year, entitled Soldier of Love after a 10 year hiatus, she found a way back into our hearts.

She always finds a way to soothe the soul.

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