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  • 3rd November
  • 03

MiN New York

This is no regular boutique. Completely different from anything you’ve ever seen because the products sold here are authentic, not the easiest to find in some cases, and quality is number one. 


You can find fragrances, hair products, skin and bath products (you name it!) in their apothecary. The boutique is just divine, the way I’ve always pictured my future one to be. The scent of wood captures you as soon as you walk in. A small space with an effortless expanse. Brick, shelves, leather couches. Comfortable, chic and inviting. It feels like there is history in the room. (They even sell antiques!)

The one thing that really sunk in was when one of the associates there (I don’t remember his name, shoot. He’s tall, Australian and a total hoot, very hard to miss) introduced Carner Barcelona. This line is fairly new and very impressive. D600 was my favourite. It was refined, with the perfect amount of spice. The vetiver was really well done and set the mood for the fragrance. Authentically Mediterranean. 

Oh yes, going back to what he said: “The world doesn’t need more products, it needs better products” - referring to both Carner Barcelona and the boutique itself. 

curator of global niche products, that is how MiN New York is described. How amazing is that? It is a niche nursery of sorts. He made sure we understood that the process of showcasing the products was no fluke, they are hand picked, carefully, with a focus on the fact that they can’t be found everywhere. They also work with clients one-on-one, which again, brings perfumery back to a personal level.

Let’s not forget Cire Trudon, a collection of candles from France. The candles are made with vegetal wax. A family tradition that has stood the test of time.

They are quite eclectic with their selection, which was slightly confusing for me. In the sense that, there are many candles inspired by French history, understandably so, but a few did not correspond to the overall theme of the brand. For example, Abd El Kader, an Arabic name, evoking African Mint Tea. I can’t deny that it was well-done, it was my favourite, but I just truly did not understand the correlation, same with Pondichery. Overall, a great collection. We all know how difficult it is to make candles sometimes. 

If you are ever in New York, this place is totally worth the visit. 
(They also have a couple of Lubin fragrances, woooo!) They also have Parfums d’Empire, Keiko Mecheri, Dr. Vranges (ambient sprays) and many more!

  • 16th March
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Perfume of the Week

Idole de Lubin.

I haven’t been very familiar with the other Lubin creations, but I’m working on it! This particular fragrance is not for everyone, and I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘meh’-like attitude towards it.

I personally love it.

1. I can’t make the association without thinking of my dear friend Ashley who loves amber (she also has Idole in her collection)

2. I’ve never been to Zanzibar, or Madagascar, but it’s part of the dream to do so. This brings me a step closer. Not because of the notes composed, but by where it takes me when I wear it. I find that Idole has this rich quality, one which somehow smells like life. I smell experience, there is heaviness and there is lightness. Perfectly blended; telling a story.

That’s all thanks to Olivia Giacobetti (who’s actually the creative director at Lubin now.) I find her very crisp in her creations. She’s made a ton of stuff for L’Artisan Parfumeur, so I’ve been lucky enough to smell one after the other.

3. How cool is that bottle?? Serge Mansau did a fantastic job of bringing the perfect colours together to enhance this scent.

Even though this is a masculine perfume, many women, including myself enjoy it thoroughly. There is a bitterness that is perfectly in harmony with the rum notes. Sometimes I even get a hint of coca-cola (and I LOVE it, super sweet+super salty=BANG!)

It’s comfortable, it’s layered, and it’s soothing to the point where you feel confident to wear it as a woman. Just because you feel like you have more substance somehow, there’s more than what the eyes can see, it’s what the nose can look for, find, and appreciate.

The notes are as follows:

Rum Absolute, Saffron (yay!), Bitter Orange, Black Cumin, Doum palm (the fruits sort of taste like gingerbread) Smoked Ebony, Sugar Cane (delicious), leather and sandalwood.

I got my sample from Luckyscent, but this is definitely on my wish list. I can’t wait to have it be part of my collection soon!